The Bay Audio Story


A small batch speaker manufacturer based in San Diego, Bay Audio has been devising custom solutions for A/V Integrators since 1998.


We approach our speakers the same way a chef approaches cuisine: combining quality ingredients with a
practiced technique.


We're constantly looking for new materials and methods to reduce distortion and improve performance. We've developed a host of new materials for the audio industry, including RockDust, injection-molded aluminum, and metalized plastic. This investment in components and construction allows us to produce smaller speakers with better output.


We also recognize that, at their best, custom integrations are a collaborative effort. Our team works with Integrators and Interior Designers to produce custom speakers that conform to a home's design elements – so you see the room and not the speakers in the room.


Ultimately, we pursue solutions, without losing sight of that one most important quality in consumer audio: how great it sounds.

Ira Friedman – Founder and CEO

Ira founded Bay Audio in 1998, following nearly a decade serving as Vice President at Boston Acoustics. With a Harvard MBA and more than two decades of industry experience, he brings a uniquely studied approach to the integrated speaker business. Rather than working from the bottom line up, Ira keeps his eye on the wants and needs of Bay Audio's end users, challenging his organization to exceed their expectations, both in terms of product development, and service.


Ira has adopted a leadership role in the culture of custom audio integration as well. He's contributed articles to several leading trade publications, and with his book The Bay Audio Guide to Companion Selling, has pioneered a specification process helping integrators move away from aggressive and alienating "selling" techniques to a more collaborative, trust-based system that places the focus on customer goals. He's hosted annual Companion Selling seminars for hundreds of integration industry experts from the US, Canada, and Europe.

Ricardo Lazzari – Vice President of Engineering

Ricardo has spent his entire decades-long career loving what he does: designing speakers for music lovers. Responsible for too many makes and models to mention, has devoted himself to making technically solid speakers voiced to sound as close as possible to a live performance.


With an MSEE and a fascination with analog electrics, Ricardo has authored dozens of articles on audio and acoustics, channeling his ideas into forward-looking products for Bay Audio, as well as Park Stevens outdoor and Live-Wall invisible speakers.

Dee Seery – Sales Coordinator

Dee's experience with Bay Audio goes back to 2006, giving her a detailed understanding how this business works. In her current capacity, she makes sure it does work, following up on orders and fulfillment, and providing customer support wherever it's needed.