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JM In-Wall Series



They look refined, even delicate. But no other
in-wall comes close to this level of performance.


Our compact in-walls feature the thin bezel grilles and low profile Bay Audio architectural speakers are known for. They also happen to produce the impact, clarity and dispersion of a bookshelf speaker, without the cabinet.


Doing so required unparalleled frame rigidity to prevent the drivers from simply vibrating the walls around them. That’s why we came up with RockDust™ – a granite and aluminum composite that provides a solid enough framework for the sort of power we want to work with.


These may wind up being one of the most densely constructed parts of your house.

The JM60 in-wall offers standalone sound in an architectural package.


Installed speakers don't need to compromise on sound quality, they just need a
little extra muscle to compete. The JM60 has it.


We added an oversized voice coil to boost the potency of its 6-1/2 inch aluminum cone. Its tweeter excels in the upper registers thanks to our own Starburst™
wave-guide, which smooths out the dispersion of the shorter wavelengths that comprise higher frequencies.


This results in articulate and balanced response from top to bottom, making the JM60 a terrific source of music, and an ideal stereo channel speaker for modest home theater and bedroom television systems.

Barely the size of a paperback book, the JM40 produces a higher output and greater bass response than architectural speakers twice its size.


You may notice that the compact JM40 has surprising heft; that's due to the burly components and materials we used in order to push such a full sound out of such a small space. The dense in-wall drives a 4-inch bass unit with an oversized voice coil, bolstered by RockDust™ and a 1-inch thick MDF baffle to keep distortion from creeping in.


A Starburst™ tweeter cleans up the top end of this in-wall overachiever.