Pc In-Ceiling Series



Our Phantom Ceiling speakers will get your attention whether you notice them or not.


We strongly believe the best way for in-ceilings to stand out is to let them blend in, so we designed the Pc series to be smaller, with thin-bezel, magnetic grilles that lie flatter against the ceiling than those of comparable speakers. You'd never realize they were there if they didn't sound so good.


Of course, we had to use some sound science to make that happen. We packed each Pc model into an incredibly sturdy, metallized plastic frame that dampens its resonating frequency, avoiding the sort of distortion associated with small speakers that vibrate in the midrange. This also allows a lower crossover frequency, which in turn delivers smoother off-axis dispersion across the board.


Five different models offer notable variations to this conscientious design, from the high performance Pc9 to the marine grade Pc5m.


We devised our Pc9 in-ceiling speaker with the discerning listener in mind.


The Pc9 essentially has everything we could put into an in-ceiling speaker without breaking the bank. We're thrilled by the results: this speaker can be driven harder and longer than the competition, while remaining crisp, clean, and transparent.


One reason the Pc9 outpaces all other in-ceiling speakers is that it's equipped with exquisitely fast bypass capacitors to keep the signal in phase through the crossover point. There's no keeping up with its stunning clarity and broad off-axis response.


To make sure this smooth response didn't go to waste, we bolstered the Pc9 with a
1-inch MDF baffle, an extra fine silk dome tweeter and upgraded components throughout. Ultimately, the Pc9 delivers unheard of stability and just about the lowest THD you'll ever hear from an architectural speaker.


Our Pc5d speakers give the Pc5 a second channel to play with.


This model's dual voice coil allows it to replicate a full stereo signal in configurations where a pair of Pc5's might not fit, such as hallways or nooks.




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