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TVX Outdoor Bar

TVX High Output Bar

TV's have better picture quality than ever before.
We think they should have audio to match.


The thinner TV's get, the better they look. And the worse they sound. Today's built-in TV speakers barely rate as an afterthought. That's why we offer a line of custom-length sound bars designed to match your TV in both looks and performance.


We isolate the left and right channels of our sound bars internally to prevent bleed-through that could muddy the signal. The center channels benefit from our popular Vocal Integrity™ tuning, which enhances the most critical frequencies of human speech. As a result, each of our speaker bar configurations offers dynamic stereo effects and clearly articulated dialog. Even at lower volumes and greater distances, Bay Audio sound bars ensure you will catch every gasp, sigh or nuanced subtext.

With sleek lines and powerful performance, our all- metal TVX is the sports car of custom sound bars.


Our TVX Bar has been designed for speed, featuring TransientEdge™ crossover topology to keep up with the crisp attack of modern cinema sound effects.


And it looks the part. Award-winning product designer Carol Catalano has given the TVX Bar a beautiful powder-coated steel grille with contoured end caps for a streamlined aesthetic that pairs well with newer TV models. And, at less than
2½-inches deep, the TVX can even mount flush the edge of an ultra-thin TV, giving
the impression it's an extension of the set.


Width is variable from 30-7⁄8" to 72-13⁄16" for 3-channel bars, and  25-7⁄16" to 51-13⁄16" for 2-channel bars. Ships within 72 hours.


Marine grade hardware allows the TVX Outdoor Bar to be placed wherever outdoor televisions are used.


Using the same internal components as the standard TVX model, our outdoor TVX bar adds zinc plating to the galvanized steel construction, swapping in stainless steel hardware to maintain a durable, weather resistant enclosure.


To further protect the custom engineered Bay Audio drivers and TransientEdge™ crossover topology within this made-to-order sound bar, we use an acoustically transparent water resistant scrim cloth made from saatifil hyphobe acoustex, which has proven success used within Park Stevens Landscape Audio products.


Width is variable from 30-7⁄8" to 72-13⁄16" for 3-channel bars, and  25-7⁄16" to 51-13⁄16" for 2-channel bars. Ships within 72 hours.


Extra wide TVs demand an extra long sound bar. Added drivers give our extended length TVX model an extra big voice.


For screens measuring 60-91 inches wide (up to a 100 inch diagonal) we've extended the width of standard TVX and included two extra mid-range drivers per channel to boost the output. It's the same TVX quality audio, same contoured aesthetic, and the same 72-hour turnaround.


Width is variable from 60" to 91" for 3-channel bars. Ships within 72 hours.





    Custom Measurements

    We build each Bay Audio Sound Bar to match the length or height of your television. We take the specific make and model number of the TV in question, so we may make any necessary adjustments to ensure our sound bar will fit flush to its bottom edge.


    Custom Configurations

    Mounting a three channel sound bar flush to the bottom of the television may be the most common configuration, but we are not beholden to it. In some instances, a one- or two-channel configuration may be preferable. And some people would rather run left and right channel speakers vertically, to each side of the screen, as pictured to the right. We will work with your Bay Audio dealer to configure the best solution.



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