TC Bookshelf Series



Our Made in the USA speaker cabinets were never meant to be taken lightly.


We wanted to wring the best sound possible out of our bookshelf speakers, so we began by constructing a cabinet with extra stability in mind. We built each wall with
a high grade MDF called Ranger Board, then added ultra supportive internal braces and a rigid wood veneer.


In short, our boxes are built solid, and weigh more than you might expect, which is important – because we filled them up with powerful components that pull their own weight and then some.


As a bonus, each TC model is available with a soft focus fabric grille and a custom veneer to match your décor.


The TC40 sounds bigger than it looks.


Our compact bookshelf rivals the output of larger speaker models, courtesy of powerful, fast and edgy components we designed in-house. Stuff like neodymium magnet and silk dome tweeters, 500V bypass capacitors and TransientEdge™ crossovers. Pretty great stuff that you won't find in other speakers, and it fits in places most books can't even go.


Don't be fooled, though – this little guy plays loud and delivers a depth of tone that belies its size. A couple of these provide a nice complement to one of our TC10 subs.



The TC42 is a smooth talker.


Designed to perform as the center channel speaker within a home theater configuration, the TC42 is essentially a TC40 with dual drivers framing the silk dome tweeter. This layout provides optimal clarity for dialog, which we've enhanced by giving it our Vocal Integrity™ tuning.


A great receiver-based home theater can be assembled using the TC42 framed by a pair of TC60's as left and right channel speakers, a pair of TC40's as rear satellites, and a TC10 or TC12 subwoofer to bring in the deep bass.