TC Series Subwoofers



TC10 Down-Firing

TC10 UnderBed

The trick isn't producing bass with power.
It's producing bass with finesse.


Quality subwoofers don't happen by accident. They must be large enough to convey deep notes, and stable enough not to fall apart in doing so. What often gets overlooked is how the bass might actually retain its musical properties in the process.


A well-engineered subwoofer is “invisible” in a system, supplying seamless bass that appears to come from the main speakers. The only way to achieve this is through attention to engineering and manufacturing.


Our TC Subwoofers have no rattles, no air leaks, no stray vibrations. Only impactful bass, along with the harder-to-achieve richness of tone.

The TC12 Front Firing Subwoofer; bass you can feel.


A potent 12-inch driver gives this model its name. Built in a front-firing cabinet that measures 14x14x14 icnhes, the TC12 boasts sturdy Ranger Board MDF construction and strong internal bracing.


Also, like our bookshelf cabinets, it’s bolstered further by a rigid wood veneer, inside and out. In other words, this box won’t shake. Your room might.


The TC10 Front Firing Subwoofer; more than satisfying your bass needs.


For smaller rooms and tigher fits, we build our TC10 models with a slightly smaller but still impactful10-inch driver.


The TC10 front-firing cabinet measures out to a perfect cubic foot and, like the TC12, features sturdy Ranger Board MDF construction, internal bracing, and wood veneer to ensure the only sound you'll hear come out of it is sweet, sweet bass.


The TC10DF Subwoofer gives new meaning to the term "low end."


Subwoofers are easy to place within a distributed audio system, but that doesn’t always make them easy to hide. The down-firing version of our TC10 offers the same gratifying bass response in a cabinet that directs the sound out of a vent across the bottom edge of the unit, allowing it to be placed within furniture or other enclosures with a mere 2¼-inch high vented opening to let the bass out.



The TC10UB Subwoofer. Just the right kind of monster under your bed.


Our most adaptable TC10 model may have been designed to fit under a bed, but behind a couch or squeezed into a tight corner works just as well. Only 6 inches deep, the 20x12-inch box is available powered, or in a passive model, making it a versatile solution to a number of spatial configuration issues.